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Portsmouth City Soccer Club

Welcome to the official website for the Portsmouth City Soccer Club (PCSC). We are a non-profit organization for players interested in competitive, travel soccer that reside in one of the following New Hampshire towns:  Portsmouth, Greenland, Newington, New Castle  in grades 1-8.  We are a proud member of US Club Soccer and Northern New England Soccer League.

Registration is now open for the FALL 2023 season!

Registration is open until June 15th, 2023.

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Off Season Training


Fusion makes players better for whoever they play for.

Our Practice & Play program is the perfect mix of technical training and playing. Experienced Fusion Trainers will work players through 30-35 minutes of individual skill work, improving confidence with the ball then 30-35 minutes of scrimmage related play. This will all be done in a fun & friendly environment with high energy.

All groups are offered as COED but Fusion trainers will evaluate how many players register as well as the pre-registration make-up of the group (age, gender, etc.). We may group players within their session based on gender, specific age or however we feel will create the best training environment.



We are accepting registrations for boys and girls currently in high school and 8th graders that want to be pushed. Once registrations are final we will create the best possible training groups based on the make-up of our participants. This will ensure the best possible training environment out of who will be participating.

We want your pictures!

Please send us any pictures you take of your soccer players- we would love to add them to our site.  Send to:


Thank you!

PCSC and The KEY Collective want to thank its 2022 co-sponsors for supporting stigma free access to after school programs in our community